The North Shore is…

  • 6 Municipalities (Haute-Côte-Nord, Manicouagan, Caniapiscau Sept-Rivières, Minganie and Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent);
  • 9 First Nations communities (Uashat mak Mani-Utenam Pessamit Unamen Shipu, Nutashkuan Matimekosh, Kawawachikamach, Ekuanitshit, Pakua Shipu, Essipit);
  • The second largest region in the province. Alone, it accounts for a quarter of Quebec;
  • An area of ​​over 351,000 km2;
  • A population of about 100 000 people;
  • A privileged access to major shipping routes to North and South America, Europe and Asia;
  • The gateway to Northern Québec and Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • 30% of Quebec’s aluminum production, 35% of mineral shipments, 30% of electricity production, 20% of fishing landings and 15% of the forest products in the province;
  • 79 outfitters including 52 with exclusive rights representing 10,351 km2.